Monday, April 29, 2019

Back to some limited running!

Up we go!
This is what I'd rather be doing. This is our Mary at the top of the climb at the Ilkley Moor fell race. Not sure I'd manage the big grin though. I haven't done a fell race for nearly two years but I'm hoping that the latest cardiac tweaking will get me to the point where I can be up there again - maybe something to aim for for 2020.
You'd better be quick!
In the meantime I'm marshalling at Bodelwyddan Castle parkrun watching Vicky sail past with a big grin on her face. Still it was good to get involved and to get a slightly different perspective. Just one week later I was back in the fray albeit tail walking at the back of the field - at least I figured in the results and clocked off another parkrun.

A finish with a view!
Clocking off another country wasn't as difficult as all that. During our recent visit to Northern Ireland we sneaked over the border into the Irish Republic to find the Castleblayney parkrun. And what a glorious setting with a friendly crew of runners and organisers. We ran two laps round the wooded Black Island which weren't quite there yet with the bluebells, only a small number of runners and Vicky got her highest position for many months with a good time to boot.

Translate that!
Here's Vicky at the causeway onto Black Island at Castleblayney. It's not really an island but it is almost an island in a lake in Ireland. In the far northern wastes of Canada is the largest island on a lake on an island in a lake on a island. Figure that one out - I've seen this on Google earth. In fact here it is - this is all on Victoria Island and there's not much there! Victoria Island itself is slightly bigger than Great Britain, has a population of just over 2000 and is pretty inhospitable. Don't think there'd be much call for a parkrun there do you? Certainly no lady of the lake!

The blue is all part of an unnamed lake!  

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Winter in the parks (or beaches)

Cliff Richard eat your heart out!
So I've missed the end of February and all of March. Hardly surprising as I had other things on my mind. However the heart procedure was seemingly successful and things are now going well. And we've been keeping up with the parkruns. A rather slow one (for me!) at a delightful little park in Glossop, where our Mary beat me out of sight, was followed by our first beach parkrun. Here's Vicky approaching the finish line at Pwllheli, a new parkrun entirely on the beach. We should really look at the tide tables before doing this one again - a high tide had left the sand wet and soft, just look at the deep footprints! This was our second trip to Pwllheli in less than a year - highly recommended  (by us) for a short break. There's a lovely little SPAR grocery in the middle of town, more like an old fashioned delicatessen.

By hook or by crook!
Next up, and final run pre-op, was Watermeadows parkrun in Towcester, Northants. The night before we'd had a fine couple of beers at the Towcester Mill Brewery Tap - it's a very well organised, well run brewery but as I stood at the bar I kept hearing the old regulars saying "I'll have a crooked hooker please." Which could be misunderstood somewhat, Crooked Hooker is the name of the regular brown bitter brewed here and is clearly a very popular tipple. The parkrun  itself was several laps round the meadows, only the third running of this one and I wonder if they have an alternative wet weather course as some sections get very greasy - as you can see from the photographic evidence!


Glossop parkrun
(Beaten by our Mary who finished in 24:46 - age grade of 75% which for park runner statisticians is extremely good for age!)
Me 41st 25:56
Vicky 97th 34:48

Hafan Pwllheli parkrun
Me 14th 28:11
Vicky 45th 44:49

Watermeadows parkrun
(First parkrun for sister in law Teresa - plenty more to come we think!)
Me 49th 24:51
Vicky 174th 33:33